Don't Stop Till You Drop

Official site of The Beat Drops, Boston's best party cover band.  Featuring David Law, Sam Weissman, Matt Karasch and Jenn Schaaf.  Includes media, booking information, tour dates and more. 

Why the beat drops?  We'll tell you

DJs just push buttons.  You don't want your party to be the same as every other night out drinking. You want it to be memorable. You want energy and excitement. The Beat Drops have your back. We bring more punch than any other band in town -- and our punch is nice and boozy.  

We're professional party-starters.

This is the secret recipe for that tasty punch that keeps everybody feeling awesome all night long:

  1. We love the songs we play. There are hundreds of thousands of great freakin' jams out there. Those are our jams. We jam to those jams. You jam to those jams. That song you've heard a thousand times at every wedding and bar mitzvah -- we'll skip it and play something you love. Boom!
  2. No Setlist.  We don't play a song because it's "next," we play a song because it's right. Every audience is different, and The Beat Drops constantly watch the crowd and change genres, decades, and styles on a dime. You guys like classic rock?  We've got it right here. You want 90s slow jams? We're down with that. You might hear Dr. Dre, immediately followed by Taylor Swift, The Beatles, Daft Punk, Third Eye Blind, Fetty Wap, Sublime, N'Sync, Avicii, Otis Redding, Kenny Loggins, Skee-Lo, Justin (Bieber or Timberlake), Kanye, TLC, Luke Bryan, Miley Cyrus, Nelly, Ed Sheeran, The Darkness, Notorious BIG... Anything goes.  It just depends on you!

  3. We have fun at every show.  We love performing. Every one of us has a full-time day-job. Music is our passion -- and if we're at your party, we're partying with you. We take risks with the music, we joke around with the audience, and we make sure that the night is unique and memorable for everybody. 

That's it.  There's really no more to it.  So hire us, invite your friends, and we'll do the rest.